Inaugural Darren Rovell award winner: Darren Rovell

Inaugural Darren Rovell award winner: Darren Rovell

Welcome to the inaugural granting of the Darren Rovell award. It’s won by (no surprise) ESPN and ABC reporter Darren Rovell. Huzzah!

The Darren Rovell award will be given perhaps weekly, bi-weekly, or even semi-weekly. All national sports media and local Chicago media are eligible for the Darren Rovell award. Of course major priority will be given to Chicago sports media candidates. With Darren Rovell being a Northwestern alum, this award has both a local and national theme.

The Darren Rovell award will be given to the media personality who either a.) gives us blatant product placement disguised as journalism or b.) makes a public statement which is prodigious self-promotion. Because we know Darren Rovell loves himself some Darren Rovell.

If you have a candidate for the Darren Rovell award, email

Last night was the culmination of the award season, so in this vein we present to you........(drumroll please)

WINNER: ESPN and former CNBC reporter Darren Rovell

It’s been pretty obvious for quite some time that ESPN is more of a sports marketing company than it is a sports news company. So who would embody that better than an obvious shill like Darren Rovell? Ralph Nader once called George W. Bush “a corporation disguised as a human being.” Darren Rovell personifies that quote in the sports media world. Although we must admit that we would likely sell out a little bit if given the same opportunities Darren Rovell has...his brand awareness campaigns masquerading as breaking news needs to be called out. In his picture above (one of his former Twitter profile pics) he is kneeling and asking Kate Upton to be his valentine. She spurns him. Darren Rovell is married anyway. I included this picture/anecdote not to call Darren Rovell out for anything, as the situation was a harmless publicity stunt. I only included it because when you have a proper context to use a picture of the hottest woman alive, you publish a picture of the hottest woman alive.

Now this is not an extreme distaste for Darren Rovell piece. For that you should check out Deadspin founder Will Leitch’s (must-read list of Darren Rovell criticisms) There are a few on there in which I disagree with Leitch. Here's another good anti-Darren Rovell piece I would advise you read. However, this piece is more about the Darren Rovell Twitter account.

I don't know Darren Rovell the person, but I do know his polarizing Twitter account.

If this account were a real person, it would get beaten up for it’s lunch money everyday. But it’s not that simple. His account is also one of the BEST sources around for breaking sports news. That’s what makes his account so aggratvating. You’ll find his account to be the most useful of all that you follow, and then you’ll want to de-follow him, all in the same day. I’m sure many of his 316,000 followers will agree.

Darren Rovell does all the annoying things like tweet pics of his food, namedrop in an-obsession-to-look-cool that only a 14 year old girl could admire, tweet useless mundane stats/numbers and conduct very insipid polls. Yet, through his many powerful connections at both the WWL and the NBC family, he’ll break important and interesting news way ahead of the rest of us.

Therefore, in a matter of hours you'll get this:

  On the other hand, you'll also get this:


But his advertisements disguised as tweets grants him the inaugural award named in his honor.


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