New Chicago Cubs Outfielder Makes Naughty, Sexist Tweets

New Chicago Cubs Outfielder Makes Naughty, Sexist Tweets

New Chicago Cubs outfielder Dave Sappelt, you are no Dave Chappelle. Your attempts at humor are about as effective as Alfonso Soriano’s fielding. Your rendition/attempt at Sinbad’s “women be shopping!” bit fell flat. And your tweets would get you an A+ at the Joe Cowley school of gender relations.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s ice and freezing rain on Midwestern roads tonight. And that means driving might be a bit more treacherous for all. Or if you listen to Sappelt, the road conditions are even more hazardous if you have a vagina. Sappelt tweeted:

“@SappySappelt6 Women driving me scares the dog shit out of me”

I think Danica Patrick may take issue with this since deleted tweet. Wait there’s more, Sappelt earlier tweeted:

“When women get to shopping theres no stopping them looks like its time to pull the #FIREALARM

Women driver jokes?? What are you a hack comedian from the 1950s Borsch Belt? Stop sounding like a regressive troglodyte. Secondly, tone down the language. Because tons of kids look up to you. The sailor talk isn’t a good example for them. Third, why would dog shit come out of you? You’re not a quadruped, you’re a human being so how would dog shit get in your system in the first place? Fourth, you’re a Buffalo Bills fan. Actually, this I’ll respect, there are no bandwagon, fair-weather Bills fans on this planet. That team is the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of the NFL.

h/t to Julie DiCaro who had many great responses to this. including this one:

“For the love of God, @Cubs, I’m begging you. Let me teach social media etiquette to your players.”

Yeah, Cubs Media Relations, maybe you should invite her to Wrigley to give a seminar.

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