Jenn Sterger tweets funny response to Manti Te'o story

Jenn Sterger tweets funny response to Manti Te'o story

A lot of great reactions on Twitter yesterday to the Notre Dame Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend saga broken open by Deadspin. The best line I came up with is “ND AD: “exclusively an online girlfriend” A.J. McCarron has a Miss Alabama, Johnny Manziel a model, Te’o had a cyberphoto.”

After being irrelevant for a couple Jenn Sterger has come up twice this week. You might remember Sterger as being “discovered” by Brent Musburger a few years ago when the ESPN cameras caught her and her fake assets hanging out of her Florida State t-shirt at a nationally televised game. Musburger made a comment (“1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State”) about Sterger very similar to what he said about A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend and Miss Alabama Katherine Webb on the night of the national title game.

Sterger parlayed her 15 minutes of fame (read: boobs)  into a social media sensation and later a sports journalism career that included stops at SI, ABC, Fuel TV, a show on Versus and the New York Jets in stadium hostess. And of course, it all came crashing down. Just like it did for Manti Te’o and Notre Dame yesterday.

You remember that whole Brett Favre saga that Deadspin broke wide open? Here’s our first post on it

Favre sent Sterger pics of his wang and unfortunately she showed them to the wrong person because they were turned over to Deadspin’s A.J. Daulerio before she was ready publicly, if ever she would go public with them. Deadspin was brilliant in how they rolled out the pics. Putting a teaser post up a month in advance to build up hype, publishing them at the optimal time on the optimal day to garner page views in advance of a nationally televised Monday Night Football game between Favre’s then current Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets, his team when this all went down. The careers of both Sterger and Favre went into the toilet after that. Today she’s uh….um….she works for……….(crickets chirping). Yesterday she tweeted:

RT @jennifersterger: Deadspin: Ruining lives since 2005

Ah the dark humor.

Both her and the Green Bay Packers legend were never looked upon the same again.

Oh, and the Te’o story has already been Taiwanese animated too. Watch here mind the mispronounciation though.

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  • The Taiwanese clip was good. If nothing else, I didn't realize that I knew some words in Chinese other than moo goo gai pan and Tsai Ming (apparently Ming Tsai), but I recognized some words in the clip. Sort of like I recognize words on Korean TV like Pfingsten and Schaumburg.

    I've said that the virtual world is not the real world. I don't know who was pulling whose chain in this episode, and for what gain, but it appears to me that if he were that overcome with his girlfriend's death, he would have attended the funeral. But, being Notre Dame, I guess not if the funeral was on game day.

    Also, this is another instance when Deadspin seems to be the only source of sports news.

  • fb_avatar

    That Brent Musburger sure is creepy.

  • It's true Deadspin really is doing the heavy lifting these days when it comes to sports reporting, very few others are

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