Father of Manti Te'o blacklists Hawaii newspaper for coverage of son

Father of Manti Te'o blacklists Hawaii newspaper for coverage of son

The father of Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te’o, blacklisted the Honolulu Star-Advertiser because of how the newspaper portrayed his son on the front page following the Alabama Crimson Tide’s 42-14 demolishing of the Fighting Irish in the BCS National Championship Game. Te'0, a Hawaii native, is likely to be a first round NFL draft pick, although his draft stock took a MAJOR tumble Monday night as all the future OL and RB on Alabama just ran right over him. Te'0 had a terrible game. And the family is no doubt feeling some sour grapes for a rather fair and honest depiction by the paper.

Still I guess the newspaper won't get to interview Manti for their NFL Draft features.

Brian Te’o posted this comment and a photo of the newspaper on the Manti Te’o “Official” Fan Club on Facebook (which I guess Brian has control over:

“Our family has been very gracious to the Star Advertiser by providing interviews and photos of our son in the recent weeks. On our way home from Miami we were “privileged” to see how the Star Advertiser returns that favor by posting a photo of our son “presumably” being “bowled over” by the Alabama RB (Eddie Lacy). So, from this point forward, Star Advertiser you have been officially black listed. I will no longer agree to any more interviews, sharing of photos, or anything else, and I will encourage all who have a subscription to your newspaper to not renew. Be more responsible in the future…if you can.” Brian Te’o

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