ESPN finds Jay Cutler at fault for Robert Griffin III injury

ESPN finds Jay Cutler at fault for Robert Griffin III injury

ESPN continues to dumb down it’s audience and make people less informed about sports.  Today the network actually posed this question for its panel “How much do you blame Jay Cutler for RG III’s injury?” Yes, this is not parody but a serious attempt at “journalism” by the WWL. What a way to “cover” the Robert Griffin III surgery that took place today.

screen grab courtesy of Twitter @WaneDog

“Of course Griffin didn’t want to take himself out of the game, only Jay Cutler does that,” ex Minnesota Vikings QB and ESPN “expert” Fran Tarkenton responded before later calling RGIII's playing against Seattle in the playoffs, “The stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in pro football.”

So which is it Tarkenton?

You’re contradicting yourself. Is the Washington Redskins quarterback a quitter/weakling like the Chicago Bears QB? Or was Mike Shanahan making a horrendous coaching decision by playing him?

You can’t have it both ways. Of course, this is a dumb argument to pose in the first place. What does Cutler’s injury/perceived lack of toughness in the NFC title game vs. the Green Bay Packers in the 2010 postseason have to do with what happened last Sunday?

I seriously doubt Dr. James Andrews and the ‘Skins coaching staff were thinking about that game and it’s implications at all while making their decision on Sunday.

ESPN, what’s the use of having eye candy like Charissa Thompson on your network, when you only having her asking dumb questions like this?

Also, click the screen grab to take a bigger look. There’s a Tim Tebow story in the crawl on the bottom of the screen. Cuz if there’s one thing ESPN really needs it’s more stories on Tim Tebow.

They just fired Rob Parker (finally) can’t they fire the person who came up with this dumb question too? And maybe the big wig who keeps telling them to do Tebow stories?

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    Wow listen to the bile in this article. Its not ESPN's fault Chicago has such an elite QB that the Bears are watching the playoffs at home on their TVs. Keep on living in denial with that offense of led by Mr. Cutler winning 7 to 9 games every year no matter how many coaches you fire/hire.

  • It's not bile when you're just pointing out the facts. Or lack thereof

  • Does ESPN have ANY clue? Please leave the political BS out of sports. Wasn't it bad enough your idiotic "
    commentator" had to make stupid remarks about RG3 in the first place? The "warrior mentality" has been around far longer than Jay Cutler, RG3 or Brian Urlacher. Dick Butkus had it, Gale Sayers came back from a horrible knee injury because he had it. Remember, these media folks are NOT know-it alls. Just because there on TV they are not part of the game itself. Mike Shannahan is paid to win football games, and has been good at it for 2 decades. How many games has one of these dopey "commentators" on ESPN not named Herm Edwards, Mike Ditka or Brian Billick coached at the NFL level?

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    In reply to mutant beast:

    But didn't you know??? we only watch football to hear their lack of humor and lack of football knowledge. When they realized no one was listening to them any longer, they went out and got some eye candy in hopes we'd listen. Unfortunately most just froze the screen when that eye candy hit the screen then fast forwarded when the game restarted.

  • Why don't people ask Tarkenton if he was drunk while playing for the Vikqueens? RG3 has a knee injury. Might need surgery. Leave Cutler out of the discussion. That's old news, ESPN>

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    This is the most asinine garbage i believe i have ever seen put on the net....other than some ignorant fans opinion. Whomever wrote this trash deserves to spend the rest of their life at the bottom of a very very deep, dark well and never see the light of day to spread this moronic trash again. On the flip side, i wonder how many drugged out peons actually fell for this crap! In the future, do us all a favor just call it the "curse of Jay Cutler," and we'll all know what you mean. Sheesh what trash!

  • well 247 people liked this on facebook, and 21 retweeted it, so I guess a lot of people "fell for it"

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