Sun-Times deems owner attending Cubs game to be "news"

Sun-Times deems owner attending Cubs game to be "news"

So the Chicago Sun-Times editors decided to have Trey Ferro, son of the newspaper’s owner Michael Ferro, as the “game face” for an edition. How classy, genuine, meritocratic and not at all pandering to nepotism! The Ferro family attended a Chicago Cubs home game and the photo above was taken with Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts up in the Wrigley Field scoreboard. Awwwww, what a cute power couple they make!

Maybe it’s not the editors of the Sun-Times who are to blame for “the Bright One” looking like a family newsletter or a family photo share on a Facebook page? (Funny, I thought it was actually a big city high circulation newspaper?) Maybe it’s the S-T chairman himself who is responsible for this embarrassment on numerous levels?

I’ll let Robert Feder from Time Out Chicago explain:

on Page 67 of Wednesday’s paper was a quarter-page photo of the Wrapports chairman with his wife and kids hanging out behind the Wrigley Field scoreboard with Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. But wait, there’s more: Page 74 of the same edition carried a full-page Game Face photo of Ferro’s son, Trey, identified as a “lifelong Cubs fan and member of the golf team at Latin School of Chicago,” throwing out the first pitch at Tuesday’s Astros-Cubs game. (Olympic gold medalist Conor Dwyer, who also threw out a ceremonial first pitch at the game, was ignored.

Dwyer should have been the game face as he’s a local kid who just made the big time in London. Oh well, I guess the owner using his newspaper as a vehicle for self-promotion comes first. I’ve seen bush league stuff like this before in my hometown paper (a small weekly promotes the wedding of the editor as “news”), but to see a major market daily degenerate into a pr shill for the boss?…That’s just pathetic.

Maybe they devote some of the self-aggrandizing resources to covering the Illini? Illinois has a colorful new coach and college football season has begun, yet the paper is not producing any stories at all from Illini training camp.

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