Letter of the month: overusing the word "football"

Letter of the month: overusing the word "football"

This comes to us from a reader named "Bruce" and I couldn't agree more with every word he said.

If I got a little counter and clicked it every time I heard the word "football",  I wonder what number I would get to if I sat down in front of the TV at 8 or 9 in the morning and watched NFL pregame, game, and postgame shows until the reruns started around 11?

It just keeps getting worse every year.

"Our football team needs to run the football, in order to get into the other teams end of the football field, score the football and win the football game".

No one would even flinch if someone like Joe Theisman or Mark Sctthhhlareth uttered that sentence.  Except with Shhhhlearattthhh, it's more like Foohball.

We know what kind of game, ball, player, coach, field it is.  And we know it's the National Football League.

Our attention spans are not that short.  We will not forget it's a football that the football players are throwing around.

Someone is not going to sneak a golf ball in when no one is looking.  The field is not going to instantly freeze between plays and a bunch of guys with no teeth on ice skates are not going to sneak in after an extra point.

It will still be a football field, it will still be a football, and it will still be football players playing football.

We don't need to be constantly reminded every 30 seconds.

AND, if I do forget, my Dish network has a button that will let me know what I am watching!!

I thank you in advance for your action on this urgent matter.

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