White Sox a tad overzealous in All-Star Campaigning

White Sox a tad overzealous in All-Star Campaigning

The Chicago White Sox are really OVERDOING this all-star voting aggression thing. It’s an exhibition game, CALM DOWN.

Yes, it “matters” when it comes to World Series home field (dumbest rule in all of sports, yes I agree) but here’s two big reasons Sox fans shouldn’t care about “winning” in a practice game to get WS home field:

1.) The Sox are way better on the road than at home 2.) if they get past the Tigers and Indians, they’re not getting past the AL East or AL West champ this year.

And this vote is not particularly final, since most of these guys will get on as injury replacements anyway. This year will probably the same thing.

Look at what Sox closer Addison Reed tweeted:


No matter what youre doing right now..get to a computer and lets get peavy in the all star game..NO EXCUSES!! #TakeJake

Yes, NO EXCUSES, forget work, having to pay your bills, or even donating money to the relief efforts in Japan, the country ravaged by an earthquake. Just like in 1942, the land of the rising sun will be vilified by Americans, at least when it comes to MLB All-Star voting, because the belief is that the entire nation will be rigging the online ballot box to get their favorite sons in. Reed is just reflecting the Twitter and Facebook sentiment of all Sox fans right now.

Many of them are going bats*** right now trying to get Peavy in, whipped into a frenzy from the propaganda that starts at the very top with the White Sox own official Twitter and Facebook accounts. I’ve never really been one for mindless jingoism, whether it relates to your team or your country. (Hey, yesterday was the 4th of July, “U-S-A! U-S-A!”) But it’s not just marching orders as incentive (the Sox Twitter account new profile pic has the new #takejake hashtag in it), there’s prizes on the line too.

Behold The White Sox  “Take Jake” promotion.

I think Deadspin summed it up best

The Peavster’s stats are impeccable, and it’d be a well-deserved half-victory lap for the first place Sox to get a fourth player onto the All-Star Team. But that’s not why you should vote for Jake. You should vote for Jake because if you do, you’ll get 44 percent off tickets to an upcoming game. Plus, chances to win valuable prizes, like…tickets to an upcoming game.

A cynic sees a team ginning up some interest with a discounted ticket promotion in a year the White Sox are having attendance issues. That’s cool. There’s nothing wrong with getting some cheap seats, and supporting your guy. But that same cynic also says there’s no way you’re outvoting the entire nation of Japan.

Indeed a clever ruse, killing two PR birds with one marketing stone: get more pub from having an extra All-Star, and get more fannies in the seats. But here’s the rub- the Sox have already accomplished this, at least three times before with “grant me a Paulstar” (kind of creative, great season by a great player) Scott Podsednik (one of the worst All-Stars in Major League history) and “Punch A.J.” (very creative slogan, and it’s something pretty much every Major Leaguer wants to do).

This is Chicago. We vote early, we vote often, and even dead people somehow cast a vote. So we win these type of things.

Mission accomplished. Except none of those successful campaigns led to the 2005 World Series title, and it didn’t fix the U.S. Cellular Field attendance issues. If they did, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now. So ease up a bit. And CHILL OUT with the HARD SELL VOTING!

P.S. Having Chris Sale miss a start of a game that matters in order to let him pitch one inning in a game that doesn’t is D-U-M-B DUMB!

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