Louis Freeh report forever disgraces the Joe Paterno legacy

Louis Freeh report forever disgraces the Joe Paterno legacy

The Louis Freeh report, a Penn State internal investigation lacking subpoena power, was released today and the results are scathing for Joe Paterno, the Paterno family and the Paterno legacy. It’ll never be the same again.

After today, even those painted a halo over Paterno’s head on a mural in Happy Valley will realize the falseness of their idol. It’ll be very inappropriate for Penn State football and general human morals and values to have that Paterno statue remain outside the football stadium, or retain the Paterno name on the library after today.

The disgraced trio of Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz were ready to go to the authorities in 2001, and deal with Jerry Sandusky and his serial child rape. Paterno shot it down.

Like I said before, the email paper trails display this event happening. And they convey the true hierarchy in State College- a Paterno patriarchy. At least three more of Sandusky’s victims were abused after this 2001 incident. The Freeh report also shows that the PSU higher-ups all knew about Sandusky and his sexual abuse of children since 1998. In other words, what Paterno did contradicts what he said in testimony to grand jury. The report from the ex-FBI member shows a Penn State where all the leaders had a blatant disregard for the safety of the children. Simply because they were afraid of bad publicity for the school.

The NCAA was already aware of the “lack of institutional control,” possibility at Penn State as they undergo their investigation. Now they have their “smoking gun,” an indictment of the ruling despot. The Freeh report is to Joe Paterno’s legacy what “Game of Shadows” was for Barry Bonds.

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  • Sad but not a surprise. Sexual abuse is still such a difficult subject for so many, especially people of Paterno's generation. I am not making an excuse for him, as I find the whole college sports culture to be pathetically twisted both ethically and psychologically, but it makes sense that he would A) bury it and b) not be able to cope with it.

    Well written as always, Paul.

  • In reply to Nicole Knepper:

    THANKS! He does have a famous sound bite "sex between a man and another man, I never heard of such a thing." Not believable but that's Paterno's quote

  • Paterno disgraced his own legacy.

  • fb_avatar

    Uh...Paterno disgraced himself and the school pretty much on his own.

  • Well yeah, Paterno did it himself. it's just the Freeh report exposes it

  • NO ! NO ! NO!

    The headline should read:

    "JOE PATERNO forever disgraces the Joe Paterno Legacy by his OWN ACTIONS"

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