Local minor league tarp disaster video goes viral

Local minor league tarp disaster video goes viral

What is it some people say about all publicity being good?

The Joliet Slammers hit the publicity jackpot, in a very unusual—and scary—manner this week, and more than half a million people have seen the visual evidence.

Since no one was injured when a major thunderstorm hit Silver Cross Field in the suburban Chicago community, I believe there was a message in the fact it was the Slammers, not other teams, who got dumped on. (watch it after jump)

It has seemed evident to this typist for some time that President Bill Waliewski’s staff has become quite adept at utilizing modern technology and taking advantage of all sorts of social media to market the second year team, which also holds the title of defending champion in the 14-team Frontier League and was honored by Ballpark Digest as 2011 Logo and Brand of the Year.

So, when unusually high winds kicked up during the storm and hoisted the entire infield tarp off the field during the weather explosion, even trapping Waliewski under it for a time, the alert staff knew how to “promote” the near disaster.  They adeptly uploaded more than four minutes of video from the team’s Ustream channel to You Tube, including announcer Aaron Morse’s calm turned not-so-calm description, and 550,110 viewers, many of whom we can be certain never knew the Joliet Slammers existed now are aware of the team.

The moral of the story, obviously, is that if such avenues as You Tube, which has a dozen or more of Slammers videos up for viewing these days, are available, good for Waliewski’s worker-bees for taking advantage to get their message out.  No cost, just ingenuity, which also goes for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and everything else in the social media realm.



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(This is  an excerpt from the column Bob Wirz writes year round on Independent Baseball.  Fans may comment to RWirz@aol.com.  The author has 16 years of major league baseball public relations experience with Kansas City and as spokesman for two Commissioners and lives in Stratford, CT.)

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