Richard Roeper guest Tweets on White Sox account

Richard Roeper guest Tweets on White Sox account

Last night, for about an hour of the Cubs vs. White Sox crosstown rivalry game, the official White Sox Twitter account had a special guest tweeter: co-host of Roe/Roeper on WLS-AM and Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Richard Roeper. The Author of eight books (including Sox and the City: A Fan’s Love Affair with the White Sox from the Heartbreak of ’67 to the Wizards of Oz) and former co-host of Ebert/Roeper is a legendary Sox fan, and last night he had a bigger than usual cyber-audience to read his baseball musings.

The White Sox account has 71,000+ followers, Roeper has 46,000+. Here are some of his more interesting tweets:

Wow, the Cubs are 8-25 on the road. It’s almost as if Michael Jordan is their GM. #justkiddingMJ

–awwwwwwww snap! You got burned Charlotte Bobcats front office!


Prediction for tonight’s game: Sox 10, Cubs 5. HR’s for Ramirez, Beckham and Viciedo

–Uhm yeah, the final score was 12-3 Cubs, which again reminds us why we never make baseball single game predictions. Which is again another reason why baseball, fine sport it may be in its own right, is a joke when compared to football.


RT @jns2p: @whitesox @richardroeper Will Dunn have more HR’s than the Cubs wins? Dunn is leading 23 to 22.

–HA! Cubbies, you got served!


It took only 900+ games and 3,600 at-bats in the minors for someone to figure out Bryan LaHair can hit at the big-league level.

–I guess Crash Davis and Roy Hobbs have been fused into one real life person.

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