Media Notebook 6-4-12: Samantha Steele, Lauren Tannehill, Hawk Harrelson

Media Notebook 6-4-12: Samantha Steele, Lauren Tannehill, Hawk Harrelson

-(Awful Announcing) ESPN reporter Samantha Steele (pictured above) had a funny gaffe in her spelling bee coverage. In the linked video, you'll see she was looking at the wrong kid. Here's your gratuitous photo gallery of Ms. Steele

-(Chicago Radio and Media) Sun-Times Announces Major Reorganization Of Editorial Department. Includes internal memo from head honcho Jim Kirk to his staff.

-(Sherman Report) Have we seen the last classic, over-the-top rant from White Sox announcer Ken Hawk Harrelson?

ESPNChicago’s Bruce Levine reports MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf had chats with Harrelson to discuss his reaction to umpire Mark Wegner during Wednesday’s Sox-Tampa Bay game.

-(AA) Here's video of Hawk announcing the "sacks packed with Seamen" Yes, you should be LOLing at that!

-Lauren Tannehill, wife of Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, was an absolute media sensation this past NFL Draft weekend, as her television appearance the night of the first round stimulated internet users to search for her all weekend. You can find more pics of her by searching under her maiden name Lauren Ufer as well.

Now she’s gonna set the net on fire again with some new Maxim pics. (Lobshots)


Lobshots is where the pic above comes from, you can go there to see plenty more pics from Tannehill’s shoot. (And I highly suggest you do) The next two photos below are from our Tannehill photo gallery (I suggest you check that out too)

-Next sports related female internet sensation? Here's four names, 2 foreign and 2 domestic that will become household sometime after the London 2012 Olympics start in 54 days. (Click on their names to see why) From the USA   Soccer: Ali Krieger     Swimming: Chloe Sutton

Australia, Track & Field: Melanie Adams    Russia, Track & Field: Darya Klishina

-(Mashable) The L.A. Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals vs. the New Jersey Devils. Here's how they're redefining sports social media.

Among professional sports teams, the social media playbook is pretty cut and dried — be enthusiastic yet conservative, engage but don’t offend and it’s definitely better to err on the side of blandness.

The NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, however, are tearing that playbook to bits — and it’s working. The Kings’ Twitter account and social media team have an unabashedly biased voice, regularly poke fun at opposing teams’ fans and hometowns and pull comedic stunts other pro sports teams would likely deem too lively.

The Kings poke fun at sports media as well. After noticing a couple mistakes in stories about the team, Donahue decided to capitalize on the web’s current infographic obsession by producing this tongue-in-cheek graphic to set the record straight on key franchise details.

-(VenueSeen) – a social media management/monitoring tool that pulls in location-specific photos, comments, tips and reviews from Instagram, Foursquare and Foodspotting — recently published an infographic, Instagram at the Ball Park!, showing that 40,670 photos have been shared from all of the Major League ballparks on Instagram in the first four weeks of the season.

Instagram at the Ballpark Infographic

This infographic is brought to you by VenueSeen. VenueSeen tracks, organizes and analyzes the photos taken at your venues from Instagram, Foursquare and more.

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