Media Notebook 6-28-12: Hope Solo, Wendi Nix, NBA Draft, Oprah

Media Notebook 6-28-12: Hope Solo, Wendi Nix, NBA Draft, Oprah

-In anticipation of the Olympics starting later next month, Fitness magazine did a bikini photo shoot with Hope Solo, and a very revealing interview. Here's the ultimate Hope Solo photo gallery, and the top four hottest U.S. women's national team soccer players.

-Fitness also did an interview/photo shoot with Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones and beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh.

-(ESPN Madison) Great podcast on the NBA Draft featuring the guy who had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft on the web last year. He also did a spot on ESPN Honolulu this week, which was pretty phenomenal

-(Inside NU) This just launched, a brand new Northwestern football, basketball and recruiting website. Get in on the ground floor now. They inform us that John Shurna hit 36/40 3-pt shots at an NBA workout. However, he's still unlikely to be drafted.

His peerless, long-range exposé didn’t include hyper-athletic NBA defenders trying to stop him, nor were the shots taken in high-pressure situations. Yet his performance is hard to ignore, if not for the simple fact that NBA teams, however offensively-potent, can always use consistent, off-the-bench three-point shooting. Case in point: the Miami Heat, an offensive juggernaut with two bona fide super stars, got a huge boost from Mike Miller’s seven three-point makes in its 121-106 Game 5 rout to finish off the Oklahoma City Thunder in this year’s Finals.

DraftExpress believes that Shurna, at best, is Steve Novak, the Knicks’ three-point specialist who averaged 2.4 points and 3.0 rebounds over 54 regular season games in 2011-2012. It’s an aptly stated projection for Shurna, and a suitable niche role for his jump shot prowess...The last time a Wildcat heard his name called on draft night was 1999, when the New Jersey Nets took 6-11 center Evan Eschmeyer with their second round pick.

Here's more about Inside NU from site co-founder Kevin Trahan:

Inside NU is about having the most in-depth Northwestern sports coverage on the web, combining the same access readers receive from newspapers with interesting reads that you'll also find on blogs. In addition to typical game stories and features, we will also have weekly features including helmet stickers, what we learned, statistical breakdowns, take two and more. We'll also have video, Q&As and more interactive, fun articles for readers than you'll find on other news sites. Check out our about page for more:

InsideNU isn't a blog, as we are credentialed to cover NU sporting events and will have all the access that newspapers and other reputable publications do. However, blogs typically provide much more interesting, unique content than conventional news sites, and Inside NU hopes to incorporate these stories, as well. With that access and unique coverage, Inside NU hopes to be the best of both worlds between conventional news sites and the blogosphere.

-(CBS 2 Chicago) Want to be the next Score personality. Compete in Scoresearch and register to audition today! Once registered, The Score’s Promotions Department will contact you with an audition time and date. Auditions will take place during the months of June and July. Candidates will have the opportunity to record a :90 second audio sample on a given sports related topic.

-(Chicagoland Radio and Media) The Tribune is announcing another redesign to their website.


-For more gratuitous photos of ESPN's Wendi Nix

-Oprah Winfrey Network announced today that Oprah Winfrey will sit down with NBA superstars of the Miami HEAT including 2012 NBA Finals MVP LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena.  Winfrey will talk with the world champions about the challenges leading up to their historic win, their friendships on and off the court and the women in their lives.  The episode is set to air Sunday, July 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

-(Fang's Bites) ESPN to keep Rose Bowl broadcast rights all the way to 2026

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