Erin Andrews' career in apparent decline

Erin Andrews' career in apparent decline

Apparently, the career prospects of Erin Andrews have plateaued, and might even be fading a bit. Her ESPN contract is expiring, and there doesn’t seem to be any red hot interest from any other takers out there. She had a victim card to play a couple years ago, but just wasn’t able to cash that card in.

Yes, all stars burn out in time, even Erin Pageviews. She just doesn’t move the needle anymore. I can’t say I have any sympathy for her right now either, from May to September, it’s very common for sports blogs like this one to lose significant audience size. My blog brothers and I have lamented that we’re in a seasonally adjusted traffic reduction; a sports news dead zone. Especially since interest in MLB just isn’t anything close to what it once was; especially on the internet.

Is EA suffering from the college sports off-season? (Don’t bring up the College World Series, NO ONE CARES) Or are her problems much bigger than, to use a Wall St. metaphor, “sell in May and go away?”

This is really really good stuff from Deadspin who cold-called some television executives and obtained these telling quotes about Andrews’ career prospects:

“There is no clamoring for Erin Andrews,” the source said. “She will never work for GMA.”

Said one Bristol source: “It feels like her time is kinda passing.”

Two ESPN insiders told us that Andrews had interest in the sideline gig for Monday Night Football. That job went to Lisa Salters instead.

“She can’t host. There’s no next step,” the exec said. “And she wants more than sideline reporting, but there’s no next step.”

“No, I’d never hire her,”

“I just don’t think she’s that talented.”


Wow. I guess Andrews is “just so 2009.” Well, more like 2010.

There’s been a run of boring Erin Andrews non-stories getting coverage these past couple weeks: the dancing with Vanilla Ice video, the bikini pictures that inspired “are they real or fake?” debates, more dating rumor, hanging out with supermodels and other banal nonsense that I choose not to post on. And if you know this site, then you know I often post on pedestrian crap like that (when it involves EA, Jenn Brown, Michelle Beadle etc.). I passed because I realize these stories don’t accelerate the chart anymore. About a month ago, I also wrote that the phrase “the next Erin Andrews” needed to be retired because it was irrelevant and should be replaced with “the next Charissa Thompson.”

Thompson is both more attractive and talented than EA. And I’m sure ESPN would agree with that sentence.

To quote a disguised Satan in “The Devil’s Advocate,” “it was a good run kid; had to close out sometime.”

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  • Erin Andrews DID get another job offer -

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