Blackhawks Owner, GM publicly comment on Patrick Kane drunk photos

Blackhawks Owner, GM publicly comment on Patrick Kane drunk photos

It took literally almost a month before the Chicago Blackhawks made a public comment on Patrick Kane’s Cinco de Mayo bender; the photo documentation of which went viral on the internet. GM Stan Bowman ended the bizarre public silence on the matter by saying how disappointed he was in “Kaner.”

Now Owner Rocky Wirz and Vice President John McDonough have also made public comment on the Patrick Kane party photos.

Apparently, they have “dealt with” him.

“There were discussions with Patrick, and he knows our stance on it,” McDonough told the Sun-Times in his first public comments on the subject after the NHL board of governors meetings Tuesday in Las Vegas. “We’re hoping, as we go forward, there’s fewer and fewer of these. But we addressed it internally, and we’ll leave it at that.”

“Stan spoke pretty well [about it],” Wirtz told the Sun-Times in his first remarks. “We’ve dealt with it. It’s past us. It’s an internal issue. It’s not like he was arrested or anything. Would I have liked to see him in the photos? Of course not. I think the hockey folks dealt with it accordingly.”

Patrick Kane offended quite a few Hawks fans out there as he went on his drinking binge wearing a t-shirt made of a photo of himself previously partying; a snapshot that also went viral. The shirt refers to his own shirtless limo party (photos here).

The shirt included a caption in Spanish that translates to English as “Two 5s equals a 10″ referring to the blatant mediocrity of the physical attributes of the women pictured with him. This incident, along with Cinco de Mayo in Madison, and the cab driver assault in Buffalo over 20 cents are the three biggest instances of Kane making the headlines for the wrong reasons. Of course, there are numerous other stories out there, many of which have been published on the web, of "Kaner being Kaner" if you know what I mean.

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  • I'm continuously puzzled at the level of talent Kane pulls at these parties. Douchebags in Lincoln Park can regularly pull better talent on a given weekend. I know, I'm a douchebag in Lincoln Park.

  • You're right on all counts

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