Sun-Times one step away from firing Joe Cowley

Sun-Times one step away from firing Joe Cowley

According to the sources of Time Out Chicago’s Robert Feder (a long time Chicago Sun-Times writer, so I would very seriously trust these sources), Sun-Times sports columnist Joe Cowley is one step away from being canned.

As far as his employment goes, the former White Sox reporter hired away from the Daily Southtown is trailing by a couple runs with two out and two strikes in the bottom of the ninth.

According to Feder:

Cowley’s reporting continued uninterrupted as his editors ultimately decided to issue a final warning through the guild process. “If he does anything again, it’s pretty much a fireable offense,” a source said.


This all stems from Cowley’s extremely sexist and very offensive tweets he placed on Sunday morning while his flight was delayed. His Twitter rant was captured by Deadspin and soon went viral. Numerous sites picked it up, and the backlash was so bad that Cowley deleted his Twitter account that day. Feder explains why:

As soon as he landed, Cowley killed his Twitter account under orders from sports editor Chris DeLuca, who had called the columnist’s cell phone demanding the deletion.

Cowley is such a polarizing figure that many media consumers and content creators alike applauded his embarrassing moment/banishment from Twitter. In fact he’s so controversial and abrasive that Chicago Now called him “the new Jay Mariotti.”

Therefore, if/when Cowley slips up again it’ll be his downfall.

And quite a few people in Chicago sports media will celebrate it.

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