St. Louis "Reporter" uses Cardinals Player to disgrace journalism (video)

St. Louis "Reporter" uses Cardinals Player to disgrace journalism (video)

The rivalry between the cities of Chicago and St. Louis goes well beyond the Cubs versus the Cardinals bloodfeud in MLB. There’s genuine acrimony at work. Trust me, I’ve truly felt it when visiting riverboat land. And the locals were much less eloquent than Mark Twain in their criticism of me.

So when I see something embarrassing the Gateway City, I enjoy promoting it. Chicago Sports Media Watch, also includes the links and posts that Chicago people enjoy laughing at. And this is laughable. I understand it's a puff piece, but it's difficult to dumb anything down to this level. I'm not sure you could dumb this segment down any more- even if your life depended on doing so.

The cliche about a train wreck being something that’s awful to look at, but yet you still can’t turn your head away…well the video that follows is like all of Amtrak being destroyed. David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals clearly doesn’t want to be here. You can see just how uncomfortable he is at all times.

The performance of “Show Me St. LouisJulie Tristan sets back female sports reporters about 30 years. Her actions and dialogue are so awful- it’s got to be at least partially satirical?

She really isn’t that stupid is she?

She comes off as dumb as a box of rocks as she desperately hits on the World Series MVP. She even brings in a tag-team partner to gush over Freese. They both can’t really be this pathetic and desperate in their blatant jersey-chasing, could they?

And since when is David Freese People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive anyway? This video is all kinds of wrong on numerous levels.

h/t Deadspin

Yahoo Sports blogged today that the video had gone viral and that Tristan Tweeted the following about it: "Random dudes are blasting me on twitter because of my silly @dfreese23 story! I must be super famous now! Awesome! :) Thanks Randoms! :)"

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