Media Notebook 5-8-12: Erin Andrews, Megan Fox (video), Ed Farmer, Phil Mushnick reaction

Media Notebook 5-8-12: Erin Andrews, Megan Fox (video), Ed Farmer, Phil Mushnick reaction

-Erin Andrews is getting her own baseball card (The Sports Bank)

-Radio announcer line of the week:

White Sox radio announcer Ed Farmer describes Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde- “for every save he acts like it’s his very first major league save. He sky points and gets down on one knee like he’s being knighted.”

-Is it me or is Farmeo’s partner Darrin Jackson speaking in a new tone for some reason? It’s like he changed his voice to sound more cigar-chomping, sunflower seed-spitting “hard core” to appeal to the meatball demographic. I’m not the first one to notice this, and I think the change happened subtly over time.

-(YouTube) Northwestern is taking a unique approach to ESPN’s Bring College GameDay to your campus contest, getting head coach Pat Fitzgerald involved in a fun 30-second video that channels the spirit of GameDay’s most well-known prognosticator.

-( Awkward publicist interrupted interview of the week:

Megan Fox and her people’s jihad against answering baby questions.

You can then hear Megan’s publicist in the background telling them to stop the interview.

An embarrassed Steve later apologized on Entertainment Tonight, saying, “I’d like to formerly apologise to Ms. Fox for attacking her with the word ‘baby.’ Thankfully, there was a publicist there to stop me.”

-In case you missed the preview to the HOT Sharper Image campaign Fox is doing

- (USA Today) Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo made sure of that this morning in an interview with The Washington Post, calling Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels “fake tough” and that hitting Washington rookie Bryce Harper with a pitch Sunday was “a classless, gutless, chicken (bleep) act.”

-Racist sports-writing of the week:

You heard about Phil Mushnick of the New York Post dropping an N-bomb (and that’s just the start of racism in his trashy column attacking Jay-Z and his Brooklyn Nets in sleaze merchant’s Rupert Murdoch’s rag). Phil wrote:

Why the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York N——s? The cheerleaders could be the Brooklyn B—-hes or Hoes. Team logo? A 9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings strewn beneath. Wanna be Jay-Z hip? Then go all the way!

(Bob’s Blitz) Here’s both a sampling of internet responses to him, and an actual email response from Phil, a pathetic attempt to explain himself.

-Bad business decision of the month:

The St. Louis Blues for denying the Bill Simmons run/affiliated with ESPN a media credential

(Sherman Report) Bill Simmons is right. For a league striving to grow its profile, it doesn’t make sense for an NHL team to deny a credential to a reporter from a national site.

In this case, the site is, and the reporter is Katie Baker. According to a tweet posted by Simmons, Grantland’s editor, the St. Louis Blues refused to give Baker a seat in the press box last week.

He tweets:

Still laughing that the Blues denied @katiebakes for a media credential last week. The NHL is the best. DON’T COVER US!!! STAY AWAY!

-At least Bill Simmons doesn’t have to deal with the Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks Media Relations departments. Both have a very clear, well defined and articulated media relations policy. And the policy is “go eff yourself and go away.”

-Worst use of a football analogy ever:

(video from Colbert Nation) Faux Noise Channel “analyst” Dee Dee Benkie tries to analogize the GOP rallying around Mitt Romney to defeat Obama with a Notre Dame vs. USC rivalry which is just awkward to say the least…it’s pretty inaccurate and awful.

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