7 Parody Sports Figure Twitter Accounts you should Follow

7 Parody Sports Figure Twitter Accounts you should Follow

Twitter is the absolute king of all social media. Sorry Facebook fans, but tweeting is where it’s at. And among all the types of Twitter account out there, my favorite may just be the celebrity parody account. It takes great creativity to tweet as someone else, and these few accounts have all built up a nice sized audience for their efforts.

The list that follows features accounts from all across the sporting landscape: college football, college basketball, MLB, sports media and more. Below you’ll find their Twitter handle linked up, followed by the real life person they are lampooning.


bleacher report

@VeryFakeBR (sports blog network Bleacher Report) Always poking fun at the incessant spelling and grammatical errors in the real B/R. As well as the typical click whoring subject matter you often find in parts of that network. Here’s a must-read interview of the operator of this account.

@FauxPelini (Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach Bo Pelini) Look at that profile pic, and try not to pee yourself from laughter. The real Pelini is known to be quite the polarizing figure; and an extremely ornery sort. Faux’s avatar is anything but. The Huskers have one of the best online audiences in college football, and this account’s 12,000+ followers are a great testament

@DaggumRoy (North Carolina Tar Heels basketball coach Roy Williams) I’ll let his bio tell the story: Ol’ Roy is a basketball coach. Ol’ Roy is a casina enthusiast. Ol’ Roy is a daggum gotdern Winner! …not one them dadbern Regional Finalers. Daggumit, crap.

@NotHawk (Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson) You know what I think of the Hawkeroo. In case you don’t go here. And apparently many of you despise my opinion of despising his work. So you’ll love NotHawk, or hate him. The human(s) behind this account also writes a column for Sox blog South Side Asylum

@NotJoeCowley (Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist and former Sox beat writer Joe Cowley) The real Cowey had close to 10,000 followers, but had to leave Twitter due to this. Yeah, you can see why he had to go, but his condescending, arrogant spirit lives on in this account.

@CoachTimBeckman (newly minted Illini football coach Tim Beckman) Because the real life Beckman is so intense and loud, tweets here are ALWAYS IN ALL CAPS! AS IF THE COMPUTER IS YELLING AT YOU! As expected, there are many tweets about being a coach’s son, and lasagna baking abilities.

@CoachJohnGroce (newly minted Illini basketball coach John Groce) Kind of like see above, but hoops version

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