Sun-Times Columnist Joe Cowley publishes Sexist Tweets, Vanishes from Twitter

Sun-Times Columnist Joe Cowley publishes Sexist Tweets, Vanishes from Twitter

Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist and long time White Sox beat reporter Joe Cowley has long been one of the most colorful follows on Twitter. He rivals Ozzie Guillen, or perhaps even Borat, in the candor department. But this time, he’s gone a little too candid.

Cowley went WAY  over the line making a ton of sexist jokes (many of which were the horribly unfunny stuck in the 1950s “women can’t drive” variety) while stuck on the tarmac in an airplane. When a female follower stuck back at him, Cowley just made himself look like even more of a troglodytic jackass with a really bad Borscht Belt comedian sense of humor.

Now his twitter account is deleted, and Cowley may be headed for a suspension from the Sun-Times.

Courtesy of Deadspin, here are some of the more offensive tweets.


“Chick pilot. Should I be OK with that or am I just a sexist caveman?”

I’m going to go with B.

“I’m more likely to see a Squatch before I see a hot flight attendant. Then again, I think the airlines are hiring Squatch’s to do that job.”

What? I really don’t see the point of this tweet, unless Cowley has a personal axe to grind.

Follower @sloanemartin chimed in with this response, and later closed with the second tweet before rightfully unfollowing him

“@cst_Cowley yes I’ve heard female genitalia makes it impossible to properly operate such a complicated machine. Bet she has an agenda to kill

“@cst_Cowley that was just the classy and unapologetic response I expected from you. Guess I’m an outlier b/c I only made it through 3 days”

You can follow the entire thread, and responses before it was deleted here

Cowley, always having to get the last word, took the time to mention how handsome he is, what life is like in first class, bashed Title IX, and told Sloane to “hottie up that pic.” In other words, he was far from the paragon of professionalism and virtue. And his relentless self-aggrandizement doesn’t reek of over-compensation for perceived insecurities. No, not at all. Not one bit.

In short, it looks like the age of social media is about to self-inflict damage on the career of another journalist who’s going to be missing some work, and not by choice. And that Cowley has become that new extremely hated figure- replacing the now banished Jay Mariotti.

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  • I missed this nonsense but had wondered what happened to Cowley on twitter. Thanks.

  • I wished he still had his account

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