Media Notebook 4-30-12: Hot Sideline Reporters, Evan Turner "controversy," Bad NFL Draft Talk

Media Notebook 4-30-12: Hot Sideline Reporters, Evan Turner "controversy," Bad NFL Draft Talk

Welcome to the first ever edition of the "Media Notebook" a must-read collection of news, notes, nuggets, tidbits, thoughts, observations and other musings. You'll find other link round-ups elsewhere on the web, but you won't find many as entertaining and intriguing as this!

-First off, I need to say that I was actually the one who asked the Sixers’ Evan Turner about the upcoming series with the Bulls first, and my query was the one that led to his response being taken out of context by a certain member of the Philly media. It’s a fake “controversy.” When I heard Turner’s response in Milwaukee, I found it far from interesting enough to become its own story. Because it wasn’t anything inflammatory. If it actually were that exciting, I would have ran to the computer and published it right away. I did not.


-(Ranker) The top 60 hottest female sports reporters. No one from Chicago cracked the top 30. CSN Chicago’s Sarah Kustok is #54.

All the usual favorites are here: Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown, Charissa Thompson, Jenn Sterger etc. are right up there in the top 20. Along with some lesser known but equally beloved names: Samantha Steele, Jaime Maggio, Lindsay Soto, Niki Noto, Heidi Watney, former Denver Broncos cheerleaders Lauren Gardener, Michelle Beisner. You can go look at the list and vote any of these women up or down, even without logging in, if you so desire. Click these names where highlighted to see more pics of said sideline reporter.

-A big event like the NFL draft means all hands on deck, so the NFL Network brought out it’s army of eye candy for the four days including, Stacy Dales, Rebecca Haarlow, Michelle Beisner, Alex Flanagan, Melissa Stark and new fresh face Kimberly Jones. Also did you notice that Lindsay Soto is now Lindsay Rhodes? Guess she’s off the market. Sorry. And again click these names where highlighted to see more pics of said sideline reporter.


-(Chicago Sports Guru) With a name like Whitney Mercilus, pronounced merciless, you have to be a NFL player. And a player at the very aggressive, attacking position of defensive end too- that helps. The newest member of the Houston Texans, Mercilus is like former Illini OL Eric Block, or current Buffalo Bills DB Reggie Corner. (at least on a name level) Even if the national media were mispronouncing his name. I heard “Mer-silly-us” and “Mer-sal-lus.” (I’m looking at you Charlie Casserly from NFL Network! And Chris Mortensen from ESPN)

-It’s just like last year when another Illini DL who had one breakout season and parlayed it into a NFL draft pick, Corey Liuget (pronounced legit) was mispronounced (Lou-jet, lou-get). All Mercilus did was break the NCAA record for forced fumbles, lead the nation in sacks, become an All-American, and win the Ted Hendricks award as the nation’s best defensive end. You’d think the so-called experts would at least know how to pronounce his name.

-Evil of two lessers: watching the draft on NFL Network and putting up with the fact that they have four whole commercials that they run every break OR watching the draft on ESPN and attempting to tolerate Chris Berman?

-You know how Jon Gruden thinks whatever player he’s watching is “the best at his position in the NFL,” seeing him in action at the draft, he seems to think whatever pick he’s just seen is “a great pick for this football team.” Does he ever dislike anything?


-ESPN’s College GameDay is conducting a social media contest through May 2 to have the show shoot a commercial on the campus of the winning school this summer.

-(FM News Chicago) What do you get when you put Buddy Guy, a Peter Cetera-less Chicago and Umphrey’s McGee together?  A new anthem for the Windy City.

The city’s tourism arm, Choose Chicago, commissioned the tune to entice folks from around the globe to put our world-class city first on their list of vacation destinations.

We’ll leave the music criticism to you.

-(WSCR) According to a study run by Fan Graphs, the Chicago White Sox broadcast team of Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone ranked dead last of all 30 Major League Baseball teams.

-(Big League Stew) I love Stony, he makes you baseball smarter. But Hawk Harrelson’s homering is OUT OF CONTROL. Listen to the Paul Konerko 400th career home run call by Hawk. The magnitude with which he treats the event, you’d think he was witnessing Hank Aaron 715 or something.

-(WBEZ) A must-click for anyone interested in the future of sports journalism. This podcast truly tells it like it is! LISTEN.

-(Chicago Reader) Learn all about the new Editor -in-Chief of the Sun-Times James Kirk.

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A Fulbright scholar and MBA, Banks has appeared on live radio all over the world; and he’s a member of the Football Writers Association of America, U.S. Basketball Writers Association, and Society of Professional Journalists. The President of the United States follows him on Twitter (@Paul_M_BanksTSB) You should too.


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