Ki-Jana Carter's BTN sideline reporting seriously needs work

Ki-Jana Carter's BTN sideline reporting seriously needs work

Ki-Jana Carter, the #1 overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals (yes, there was a day when players who weren’t actually quarterbacks or pass-rushers went #1 overall) does a lot today. According to his wikipedia page:

Carter is now an entrepreneur and sports blogger at He founded Byoglobe, a sanitation technology company specializing in disinfection of MRSA-prone facilities, in 2008. He serves as the Sunrise, Florida-based company’s chief executive officer.

I hope that keeps him busy and off the airwaves, because his sideline reporting work for BTN at the Penn State spring game was just downright awful. Below are three clips which showcase his awkward delivery and lack of polish. Of course, he isn’t the worst announcer to grace the Big Ten Network, or even the worst Penn State alum to appear on BTN- Melanie Collins still holds both those “distinctions,” in my opinion. was wise not to put online a clip of the first time the duo in the booth threw to Carter on the sideline. It was BRUTAL! Much worse than the clips below which have some “interesting” moments themselves- especially the bizarre sounding forced laugh with Rich Mauti, and the overly sycophantic introduction of Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. Starting the interview off that way just came off as trying too hard, and all kinds of wrong.

Sorry for the lack of embedded video. is stuck in 2009 and doesn’t allow embedding on two of the three videos. And considering that they have the network’s video watermark on all their vids already, disallowing the embed is simply inexplicable.  Especially when the one video you can embed for some reason cuts out early!

Get it together BTN webmaster!

Link to Urlacher video

Link to Derek Moye

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  • So he reports as well as he played pro football?

  • pretty much.

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