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A Dozen Reasons to be Thankful For Chicago Sports

A Dozen Reasons to be Thankful For Chicago Sports
Chicago has been under verbal assault lately. Donald Trump has led the attacks against Chicago. He has talked about the “carnage” and referred to Chicago as a war zone. He is among those that have suggested that the city needs federal assistance in taking care of the violence. In reality, Chicago is one of the... Read more »

Five Ways to Improve the World Cup

Reinstate the Golden Goal/Eliminate Penalty Kicks.

The current setup of two 15 minute non sudden death overtimes doesn’t create nearly as much drama of a golden goal. The Golden Goal or sudden death overtime creates a more finite end then penalty kicks. It also provides a more realistic end to the game. The end comes in the flow of a real game. This is better than the one on one and randomness of PK’s. 

Other changes that might be considered if PK’s are eliminated are the silver goal. This provides two 15 minute non sudden death overtimes. The game would end after the first 15 minutes if one team holds the lead.  If not the rule stated PK’s. It could then go to the golden goal after 30 minutes.
The World Cup generates more excitement than any other sporting event globally. Whether you love or hate soccer you cannot deny its global significance. The World Cup in the World’s most watched sporting event. From a competitive and excitement standpoint, FIFA can make a few changes that would improve the World Cup. As with most... Read more »