A Dozen Reasons to be Thankful For Chicago Sports

Chicago has been under verbal assault lately. Donald Trump has led the attacks against Chicago. He has talked about the "carnage" and referred to Chicago as a war zone. He is among those that have suggested that the city needs federal assistance in taking care of the violence.

In reality, Chicago is one of the world's greatest cities. It is far beyond the definition of violence that the President of the United States and other have tried to pigeon hole it in.

Sports plays a huge part of that. In his speech to the Cubs during their World Series celebration at the White House on Martin Luther King Day earlier this month, then President Barack Obama a dedicated Chicago Sports fan, touched on the importance part sports plays in our society.

"It is a game and it is celebration, but there's a direct line between Jackie Robinson and me standing here," Obama said. "There's a direct line between people loving Ernie Banks, and then the city being able to come together and work together in one spirit.

"I was in my hometown of Chicago on Tuesday, and in my farewell address I said sometimes it's not enough just to change laws. You've got to change hearts. And sports has a way sometimes of changing hearts in a way that politics or business doesn't.

"Sometimes it's just a matter of us being able to escape and relax from the difficulties of our day, but sometimes it also speaks to something better in us. And when you see this group of folks of different shades and different backgrounds, and coming from different communities and neighborhoods all across the country, and then playing as one team and playing the right way, and celebrating each other and being joyous in that, that tells us a little something about what America is and what America can be.

"So it's entirely appropriate that we celebrate the Cubs today here in this White House on Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday because it helps direct us in terms of what this country has been, and what it can be in the future."

Sports has a way of uniting people that other areas of society does not. Chicago is not only one of the World's Greatest Cities, its a very cosmopolitan one. Chicago Sports is great because of the international events its hosted, the support of it's professional and collegiate sports teams, the passion and fervor for high school athletics and thousands of opportunities to participate in recreational activities.

It would be nearly impossible to number these great attributes about Chicago to place them in any order. They are all great and each contributes to what makes Chicago great in general and as a World class sports destination.

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