The Bears Ten Most Heartbreaking Losses to the Green Bay Packers

The Bears and Packers have played 189 times with each team winning 93, plus six ties. The Packers most recent victory tied the series.

The Bears won the teams second meeting in 2015 to break a four game losing streak to Green Bay. That four game Packers streak was preceded by a six game Packers Streak. Green Bay has dominated the series for nearly 25 years.

The Bears have not won two in a row against the Packers since sweeping the season series in 2007. That was in the midst of a streak that saw the Bears win five out of six against Green Bay. Those streaks are the only time since 1992 that the Bears have won consecutive games against the Packers.

The Packers evening of the series in the team's final meeting of 2016 is the first time the series has been even since 1933. The Packers have won 37 of the teams last 50 meetings over the last 25 years, for a 74 percent winning percentage. The Packers resurgence coincided with the Bears downfall and had remained mostly that way since the Packers 17-3 win in the second meeting of 1992.

Many of those have been heartbreaking losses, some that had a major impact on the Bears season.

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