Chicago Bulls Lottery History Full of Hits and Misses

The Bulls drafted Michael Jordan third in the 1984 NBA Draft. That was one year before the first NBA draft lottery. The Knicks took Patrick Ewing first overall that year amidst substantial controversy and conspiracy theories.   Wayman Tisdale went second to N.Y. Everyone outside of New York was claiming that the league wanted the Knicks to get Ewing.

The Bulls first landed in the lottery in 1989. They were in the playoffs for the fourth straight year in the 1989. They would advance to the first of five straight Eastern Conference Finals. They landed in the lottery after acquiring New Jersey's pick because of the Nets signing Orlando Woolridge in free agency. The Bulls received the Nets 1998 second round pick and their first and second round picks in 1989.

The Bulls results in the lottery have been mixed. Being at the top of the lottery can be a mixed blessing. Four times when the Bulls have held one of the top two picks there have been polarizing thoughts about who to take. 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2008 were all between one of more players. Those decisions often determine the course of a franchise for the next ten years or longer.

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