Moms Help Create Sports Memories Too

Moms Help Create Sports Memories Too
This was our family trip to Israel in 1985. I am on the right. I was 17 and we traveled there to watch my dad participate in the Maccabbi Games in Tennis. My youngest brother was one at the time and did not make the trip,

The advent of Title IX in 1972 raised the involvement and interests of women in sports and their participation. It was a driving force behind a rapid increase in women's interest in all sports. Each generation has seen a rise in women becoming sports fans.

Yesterday was a rare occasion when both the Cubs and the White Sox were home on Mother's Day. The crowds totaled 65,034 combined at Wrigley Field and US Cellular field for Chicago's first place baseball teams.

My friend Stephanie asked yesterday on facebook "Do you have a favorite sports memory with your mom. (Could be this weekend!)..."

Her example was that she and her mom loved watching the Bulls games together in the 1990's. She remembered John Paxson's three pointer against Phoenix, Michael Jordan missing a shot to win at the buzzer for the Bulls in game five in 1998 but them claiming the title the next game and the Jordan food poisoning game when he scored 38 points at Utah in game five of the 1997 NBA finals.

Among other sporting memories her friends posted with their moms included the Bears 1985 NFC Championship win over the then L.A. Rams in January 1986 and a mom water skiing in Acapulco.

Another friend reminisced about completing a triathlon in Chicago.

"My first Chicago Tri. I was nervous and excited and well everything...very prepared though. She told me how proud she is before I even started. A friend showed her and Dad they could follow me the entire swim for the most part and I could look and see them. She was so excited. Then after my bike when it was pouring, she was all cuddled up with Dad waiting (For) me to start my run, thought she was going to start running with me. Then, still raining for the most part, waiting at the finish. She was soaked and beaming....I had never really seen this look on her face. I am sure she has had it, I just never had gotten to see it. I think it is the one that they reserve for "Proud Mom Zone". We get to see love, and affection, and often proud...but this was different."

Both of my parents came from big sports families. My father is an extremely accomplished athlete and my maternal grandfather and uncle have also had success athletically. My mom grew up with my grandfather having season tickets for both the Bears and the Blackhawks. I remember going to Bears game with my mom and grandfather when I was a child.

My grandfather almost always took my uncle to games instead of my mom. When my mom was growing up, the expectation is that it was the men and boys who would be into sports. My mom has always said she was envious of my uncle getting to be the one to attend the games.

My mom and maternal grandfather are both graduates of Northwestern. Its been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember to be an NU fan. Many of my biggest sports memories with my mom growing up involved NU.

When I was about ten, I was watching a White Sox game on TV. I called out to my mom in another room that my dad and paternal grandfather were on TV at the game. My Dad had told my mom he was going to be somewhere other than the White Sox game.

Soon after that, instead of spending money on groceries, my mom took my brother and I to an NU game. She was frustrated with my father and this was her way of sending a message.

For my eleventh birthday in fifth grade, my mom took me and about ten friends to the Northwestern-Minnesota football game. We piled into my mom's station wagon and traveled to Evanston. The game was on September 29, the day before my birthday. It was a warm day and bees were everywhere.

Later that same academic year, my mom brother and I went to the Northwestern-Wisconsin basketball game at then McGaw Hall. Our counselor Mark from overnight camp in Colorado was a Badger cheerleader. We had wanted to go to the game to see Mark.

My mom would later become a dedicated tennis mom for my sister and youngest brother. They got involved after my brother (who is two and half years younger than me) and I had begun playing.

Watching and participating in sports has been a huge part of my family's memories. My mom had nearly as big of an impact on our interests as my dad has.

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