Stuart Scott Tributes from Chicago Athletes, Coaches, Media and Others with Chicago Ties.

Stuart Scott Tributes from Chicago Athletes, Coaches, Media and Others with Chicago Ties.
Michael Jordan has known Stuart Scott since both attended North Carolina. He won of the millons that commeneted on Scott's passing.

Stuart Scott revolutionized the way sports highlights were delivered. He brought an urban edge and hipness that had not been seen before. What's even more impressive is the man that he was.

The tributes from his collegues all claim he was a better person, father and friend than he was a broadcaster. His ESPN collegue Sage Steele relayed a anecdote that he hired a private jet at his own expense to fly home to see his daughter's dance recital.

Here is a look at the tributes from his ESPN collegues in Chicago, Chicago athletes, coaches, media personalities and others with ties to Chicago.

Scott was raised on the Southside of Chicago before he and his family moved to North Carolina when he was ten.

Michael Jordan relased a statement regarding Scott's death. Perhaps no prominant athlete has known Scott as long as MJ did. Their friendship dates back to when both attending North Carolina.

Picture Courtesy of ESPN's Darren Rovell

Picture Courtesy of ESPN's Darren Rovell

Jordan was interviewed by Scott about being the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats (now the Hornets)


Many broadcasters owe their style to Scott. While no one can replace him, the Bulls Stacey King will be one of the many announcers that can try to carry on that legacy.



Former Bear Merril Hoge has been working with Scott for over ten years at ESPN. He gave his tribute on the air this morning.Hoge also posted a tweet in honor of his friend and colleague.


Prior to joining ESPN, Mike Greenberg had deep Chicago ties. He graduated from Northwestern, worked for the Score670 and CLTV and he has frequently talked about his wife Stacy being from Chicago.






















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