Despite Epic Losses are Bears Fans Overreacting?

Despite Epic Losses are Bears Fans Overreacting?
Bears fans would only seem happy if the team brought back Mike Ditka...or could this picture be a clue of who the next Bears coach is?

I posed this question on  Facebook earlier in the week. The Bears season and specifically the last two weeks have been a disaster. I posed the question "Despite the losses are Bears Fans Overreacting?"

The defense the last two seasons have been legendarily bad the last two seasons. The offense finished second in the NFL in scoring in 2013 only behind Denver.

Some of the reactions from Bears fans have left me shaking my head. Marc Trestman's daughters and Jay Cutler's wife have been ridiculed on Twitter.

Fans have called for more passion from Marc Trestman. Twenty-two years after Mike Ditka's departure, fans are still hanging on to his style of leadership. Yet Phil Jackson led the Bulls with a more calm demeanor and Lovie Smith was also called out for his lack of passion on the sidelines. .

The best answer I received was from my friend and old neighboor Kathy Starkey. Kathy is a personal trainer, huge Chicago sports fan a student at DePaul persuring her masters in sports journalism. Below is her take.

I think that the Bears fans are just very upset not just because of these continuing losses.. Which are abominations.. . Which we all know it happens!! What is so frustrating and I think creating rage. Is the fact there doesn't seem to be much sense of urgency or even a sense of anger within the organization.. It's like they are just going about news conferences and acting like it was just a bad game or what not.. Trestman saying he knows the level of football game intelligence is a high level with his best players is just not enough!enough!! . We are a sports city!! We love our teams!! But maybe if the coordinators etc.. Held these guys more accountable.. It might be better.. But at the end of the games they all go back to their Lamborghini and Maserati s.. And hot wives..and nothing changes .. Lol

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