Independence Day and Five Patriotic Sports Moments to Make Chicago Proud

Independence Day and Five Patriotic Sports Moments to Make Chicago Proud
Blackhawks fans showed an international audience how patriotic they are during the anthem at the 1991 All-Star game at the Chicago Stadium

Chicago has had many events. moments and athletes that could make any americans proud. From Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Shani Davis and Bart Connor winning Olympic Medals to Chicago hosting major international sports events. Here is a look at five memorable patriotic events with ties to Chicago.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were part of the dream team that won gold in 1992 in Barcelona.Photo Credit Sole Magazine.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were part of the dream team that won gold in 1992 in Barcelona.
Photo Credit Sole Magazine.

National Anthem During the 1991 All-Star Game at Chicago Stadium

The 1991 NHL All-Star game was the first time a national audience became aware of the tradition of drowning out the anthem at the Chicago Stadium. In honor of the troops serving during the Persian Gulf War, the fans stood and cheered as loud as they could, waving flags, displaying signs and screaming over Wayne Messmer’s chilling national anthem.

Messmer run as the national anthem began we he was part of the founding of the Chicago Wolves, but Jim Cornelison has continued on the tradition that began 22 years ago.

Rick Monday Saves the American Flag From Burning

Two fans had gotten on the field and attempting to burn the american flag. While playing outfield for the Cubs, Rick Monday run towards two protesters and grabbed the American flag as they attempted to light it on fire.

Monday said that just prior to his dash to get the flag, one of the protesters had lit a match, but it burnt out. Shortly after Monday brought the flag to the dugout, the Dodger Stadium crown rose slowly and sang god bless america.

Benny Feilhaber Goal in the Concacaf Gold Cup

The Concacaf Gold Cup is the North American and Caribbean Soccer Championships.

It has occurred semi biannually since 1991. The United States or Mexico have captured every title with the exception of the 2000 Gold Cup when Canada won.

The 2007 Final at Soldier Field will go down as one of the most memorable in Gold Cup history. Benny Feilhaber's volley from about 20 yards out in the 73rd minute providing the winning margin and gave the US one of the best victories in national team history.

1994 World Cup Opening Ceremonies

Although the American team did not play in Chicago during the 1994 World Cup, Solider Field being chosen as the venue to host the opening ceremonies was very important for Chicago. As it tradition, defending champion Germany played in the opening game at Soldier Field against Bolivia.

President Bill Clinton, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Bolivian President Gonzalez Sanchez DeLozada all attended the Match watched by an estimated two million worldwide.

The match gave Chicago unprecedented international exposure.

Prior to the match, Oprah Winfrey emceed the opening ceremonies. DIana Ross and Jon Secada performed.

The first World Cup on American soil proved to be wildly successful. The average attendance was 69,000, 16,000 more than any world cup before or since.

The opening ceremonies occurred on June 17, the same day as the infamous O.J. Simpson bronco chase.

1999 Women’s World Cup

The 1999 Women’s World Cup arguably did more for women’s sports than any event other than the Olympics.

Chicago hosted four group stage games including a 7-1 win by the Americans over Nigeria in front of 65,080. Two weeks later Brandi Chastain made the cover of Sports Illustrated after scoring the winning penalty kick against China.

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