Chicago Bears: Live blogging Marc Trestman introductory news conference

Doesn't know the personnel on "our football team right now"

Values the importance of media and understand the media is the conduit to the fans. Tells the players extremely important for them to have a good relationship with the media.

Want the players to know the coaches are giving them an opportunity to be fresh on Sunday.

System of football flexible to the guys they have.

Some of the guys will be coming down from the staff in Montreal.

Trestman will get final say on staff as Emery told him.

On protection: blitzes you see up there (In Canada) same. Excited about four downs and not as much motion on offense for the defensive coaches to deal with.

Will protect the field from sideline to sideline.

The best players want a disciplined football team around them.

Quarterback "will have the keys to the car?" in relation to whether or not Cutler can call audibles./

Loves calling plays and likes to be hands on.

He will be calling the plays and working with the staff during the week.

Has to be an element of professional trust, not their yet (with Cutler)

Trestman: Quarterback is the most difficult position in sports.

Will use some of the strategy he used in Canada and retool it for NFL.

Trestman very impressed by the passion and said it goes beyond that in Chicago. Have to love football and be hard working in his locker room.

Letting people know CFL is an unbelievable league. Players and fans just as passionate and coaches just as creative.

Rod Marinelli has decided to move on. Trestman and Emery will discuss today on who to hire as defensive coordinator.

Will hire coaches with great familiarity with the league to get him up to speed.

Leading in Canada, no different. Players strive to get better.

Cutler has core capabilities. Tough, Smart, Loves football. Understands strengths and weeknesses and knows where he wants to go.

Going to be responsible for keeping Cutler and his QB's safe in the pocket.

Keep the team interconnected. "If it's all of us, it's one of us". Going to dominate line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

Trestman: Usual thank you's, plus thanked his Montreal QB Anthony Calvillo, the all-time leading passing in professional football history.

Phil Emery displaying nice sense of humor. Both like the show Criminal Minds and Law and Order and Birthdays are one day apart.

Darrell Bevell was eliminated from the process and list narrowed to Ariens and Trestman because Bevell did not have head coaching experience.

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