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Haiku Timeline: Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

Haiku Timeline: Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup
7:49 Tie is broken, Bruins lead  We’ll need seven games   1:16 remains Crawford out, Bickell ties it Looks like overtime   :59 seconds Bolland finds the net – Hawks lead! Did that just happen?   :00 on the clock Blackhawks fans can exhale now The Cup’s coming home     For more haiku, just... Read more »

Missing in Haiku: Stanley Cup Puck

Cameras can’t catch the culprit because they were all turned towards the celebration happening on the other end of the ice. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Where did the puck go?Pronger? Flyers fans? Who else?No suspects been named Do you have the puck?There’s a 50K rewardfrom Harry Caray’s!

Haiku History: 20 Things That Happened Since May 25th

It's a way of life
At last … Cubs fans can give thanks that for the first time in almost six weeks, our team began a series without falling behind immediately. Not a season changer, but at least for one day, “the skies above are blue” and “life is like a song.” Monday in Phoenix Cubs won series opener  First time... Read more »

Keith in Haiku: Big Winner

One thing left to do / He must find a good dentist / and get some new teeth
His best year ever?Gold Medal, Cup, and Norris,and seven new teeth!

Trades in Haiku: More Goodbyes

Fras to the Oilersand Torchetti to ThrashersGoodbye, our dear Hawks.

Trades in Haiku: Let the Goodbyes Begin

Chicago Tribune Photo We knew it would comeThe party is now overTime to say goodbye 3 Hawks are leavingByfuglien, Eager, and SopelTraded to Thrashers

Cubs In Haiku: White Sox 10, Cubs 5

Patrick Kane during Friday’s Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory parade (Tribune Photo by Chris Walker)  After Hawks rally Depression hits at Wrigley Crosstown starts out bad Sox fans behind us Were obnoxious as could be Just to make things worse Stanley Cup visit Was rumored, just to tease us   More disappointment

Whites Sox in Haiku: Whites Sox 15, Indians 3

White Sox crush Tigers With the Stanley Cup FinalsWho was watching this?