Cubs In Haiku: It's Going To Be A Long Season

Cubs In Haiku: It's Going To Be A Long Season

More extra innings
More frustration for Cubs fans
More "instant" replays

We knew this was going to be a long season. We just didn't know how long.


If you heard that the Cubs managed to get out of a bases-loaded no-out jam in the bottom of the 13th you'd think that was a positive sign. But only if you didn't know that they had already blown a 1-run lead in the 12th. Never mind that the game ended with another walk-off win for the Pirates.

Oh, and MLB's new "replay review"? It may, eventually, be a good thing - after all, it did help the Cubs score their first run of the season last night. But it felt like the game would have been an hour shorter last night without them. Five minutes to decide if someone was hit by a pitch? C'mon guys, figure this thing out.

See? There was something to complain about besides the Cubs performance on the field.

Hoping for rain today.


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