Clueless In Haiku: Just Be Quiet

Clueless In Haiku: Just Be Quiet


On Friday I learned:
If you're not in the majors
Then you can't complain


I didn't see the Cubs lose to the Braves 4-1 on Friday night. We got to dinner just in time to see the score as the 8th inning started, so we paid more attention to our meal than to the game. It's too bad Scott Feldman's Cubs debut was spoiled, but since he committed the only Cubs error, had a wild pitch and threw over 100 pitches in 4-2/3 innings, I guess he had only himself to blame.

But I did get an interesting tweet in response to one of my contributions to the Twitter attack on Carlos Marmol during Thursday's game.

I won't embarrass this guy by including his Twitter handle, but he told me:

I would like to see if you could do a better job than him. He's in the Majors and you're not. just be quiet.

Yes, Carlos Marmol is in the major leagues and I'm not. But that's exactly WHY the Cubs putative closer incurs the wrath of Cubs fans when he performs as poorly as he has so far this year - and as inconsistently as he has in the past.

Is this really such a difficult concept?

By the way ... my critic has posted 12 updates to Twitter - and none of them have been in haiku. I suppose I should tell him that I'd like to see if he could do a better job than I do. I tweet in haiku - almost 6000 times - and he doesn't. So he should just be quiet.

But I enjoy all of the responses I get on Twitter, so I'd never say anything like that. And I'd love to hear what you have to say. So post a comment here,  follow me on Twitter, take a moment to "like" by Facebook page, and, of course type your email address in the box below and click the "create subscription" button to be notified by email whenever I post something new. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.



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