Haiku Curmudgeon: The Cubs, The CTA, and Google Offers

Haiku Curmudgeon: The Cubs, The CTA, and Google Offers


Subway Roll Canvas?
Contains zero subway stops
Mostly neighborhoods


The featured item today's "Google Offers" email is something called a "Subway Roll Canvas". For the low, low price of $89 you can get a 50x17 piece of canvas stretched over a wood frame, allegedly a $299 value. The seller's website claims that the "ready to hang" piece of art  "displays transit stops". Here's what the Chicago version looks like:



There are so many things wrong with this "modern take on old-school subway rolls" I'm not quite sure where to start. If I'm counting  right, only 4 of the names listed are CTA stops - none of which are in the subway, and 2 of which are airports. More than half are neighborhoods or tourist attractions. And one "subway stop" is the Blue Line.

Have these people ever been to Chicago? Did they look at a CTA system map before creating this product?

Plus, seeing "Wrigleyville" listed on the sign reminded me of something that's bothered me (more than it should) for a long time.

There are three CTA stations on 35th street -  "35th/Archer" (Orange), "35th-Bronzeville-IIT" (Green) and "Sox-35th" (Red).  There are three CTA stations on Addison -  "Addison" (Blue), "Addison" (Brown) and "Addison" (Red).

Do you see the problem?

Yes, I know that the platform signs at the Addison station on the Red Line include a Cubs logo and some even mention the name of the ballpark in which the team plays something that occasionally resembles baseball. Perhaps whoever chose station names assumed that Cubs fans were smarter than White Sox fans and could find their way to the game without extra clues.

But how hard would it be to call the Red Line station "Cubs/Addison" or "Addison/Wrigley Field"?

And ... hey, you kids. Get off my lawn.


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