Uprisings In Haiku: Mubarak Gone, Kenney Next?

Egpyt Protests.jpg

Can angry Cubs fans
Accomplish what Egyptians
Managed to get done?

Cheering crowds hope it's better
With new President

The Cubs have problems
You'll find two of the biggest
In the front office

How 'bout it Cubs fans?
Demand a new President
And new GM, too!
I honestly don't mean to make light of the historical importance of the events in Egypt. A popular uprising has led to the removal of a dictator in a relatively peaceful manner. The future is uncertain, but the people have spoken and their voices were heard.
But if the relatively powerless citizens of Egypt could organize enough resisitence to force Mubarak to resign, shouldn't the relatively powerful population of Cubs fans be able to demand regime change in the front office of their favorite baseball team?  
We're not powerful?
Who buys all of those tickets
And souvenirs, too?

When you're at a game
Don't just absorb all the pain
Be heard - bring a sign

"Crane Kenney must go!"
"Cubs Fans Demand Regime Change"
"Hey Tom! - Dump Hendry"

You're still not convinced?
Here's a picture guaranteed
To get you angry


Cubs general manager Jim Hendry, new outfielder Milton Bradley and team chairman Crane Kenney at Bradley's introductory news conference Thursday. (Photo by Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune / January 8, 2009)

If we organize 
Tell Tom Ricketts what we want
It's Gonna Happen
Ok, maybe not. But I'm not sure "boycotts" work either. Fans stay away from Cubs Convention, don't renew season tickets, refuse to buy into the 13 or 6 game packages, we just don't go to Wrigley Field as often as we once did. I suspect that ownership will just attribute that to frustration with the bad product on the field (which is true) but it certainly seems that Tom Ricketts still believes his front office staff has what it takes to build a good team.  My guess is that many (most?) Cubs fans think Tom Ricketts is wrong.  
So let's tell the owners not just why we're angry but what we think should be changed.  Maybe Kenney and Hendry will resign in the face of populist protests. Perhaps, like Mubarak waiting for the army to almost literally turn their backs on him, Kenney and Hendry will leave once it's clear that Tom Ricketts has turned his back on them.  If we tell Tom what we think is wrong, maybe he'll listen.  
Got any ideas for how to create a populist uprising by Cubs fans?

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