Cubs In Haiku: Rockies 6, Cubs 5

Colorado Rockies left fielder Carlos Gonnzalez doubles in the first inning against the Chicago Cubs at Coors Field on July 30, 2010 in Denver.     UPI Photo/Gary C. Caskey Photo via Newscom

Another Cubs loss
Second straight for record books
Not in a good way

Carlos Gonzales
Just fourth to complete cycle
With walk off home run
I did a little checking at Baseball Almanac and learned that of the three other times a player hit a walk-off home run to complete the cycle, only one led off the inning
That would have been Ken Boyer of the Cardinals on September 14, 1961.  He led off the 11th inning of the second game of a double header by hitting a home run off Don Elston of the Chicago Cubs.
Gonzales might have been the first to do so on the first pitch of the inning.  But I have been unable to determine if Boyer's home run was on the first pitch from Elston. It appears that nobody cared about pitch counts in 1961.   
It's also depressing to note that the last time a Rockies player hit for the cycle was about a year ago - August 10, 2009 - when Troy Tulowitzki did it.  Guess who the Rockies were playing that day?

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