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Power Rankings - Chicago Sports Team Names Edition

In response to this awesome article I just read on Grantland.com, where Zach Lowe ranks the best NBA team names (The Bulls ranked in the top 15 – won’t spoil it, but you can read the article here), here is a power rankings in descending order of the best Chicago Sports Team Names. 6. The... Read more »

On Fantasy Sports

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In today’s day and age it seems like there’s a subculture for everyone. There’s the Hot Dog Club.  The Pizza Club , even the club against the club. Yet, if you ask a lot of people, they would tell you that, “Fantasy sports is for nerds.” Then, I guess I’m a nerd. I love fantasy sports.... Read more »

The Sports Page Lives On

When I finally progressed past The Bernstein Bears and Curious George, when I finally was able to scoop spoonfuls of sugar into my own bowl of Rice Krispies and pretend to know how to butter my own bread, I started reading the headlines of sports pages. In a time before the internet, blogs and twelve-hour... Read more »