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Football in Crisis

Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito are stealing the headlines.  For the last two weeks the incident involving two “teammates” of the Miami Dolphins has caused every major and minor sports outlet, every blogger, every facebook friend with an opinion, to weigh in on the subject of bullying in the locker room. Meanwhile, a very serious... Read more »

Transcending Sport

Transcending Sport
It’s funny. I went to a liberal arts school that was the exact opposite of the S.E.C. or Big Ten. I didn’t have sports as an excuse to day drink on Saturdays. I didn’t have nationally televised games. I didn’t have guys in my English class go in the first round of the draft. I... Read more »

Sunday Musings

Here are some random thoughts on a Sunday morning: — Mariano Rivera will be active for his last game as a pro today, and will be pitching his last inning in the bigs, barring any “come-backs.”  While I have never been a secret stalker of anything Yankee, Mo Rivera is a sure fire Hall of... Read more »

An Open Letter to Chicago Cubs fans circa 1994

Dear Cubs Fans, This is from the future.  What you choose to do with it will be your own decision. Just promise me that if you decide to stop rooting for the Cubs you don’t start rooting for the White Sox.  Not because they’re not necessarily bad (they suck), but because in this day and... Read more »

Power Rankings - Chicago Sports Team Names Edition

In response to this awesome article I just read on, where Zach Lowe ranks the best NBA team names (The Bulls ranked in the top 15 – won’t spoil it, but you can read the article here), here is a power rankings in descending order of the best Chicago Sports Team Names. 6. The... Read more »

Say It Ain't So, Old Style

I just read this article on ESPN that claims there are not-so-sutble hints about Old Style beer being on the verge of exiting the hallowed halls of Wrigley Field. Please God, say it ain’t so. When I was just below the drinking age I bought a thirty pack of Old Pile (I refer to it... Read more »

On Fantasy Sports

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In today’s day and age it seems like there’s a subculture for everyone. There’s the Hot Dog Club.  The Pizza Club , even the club against the club. Yet, if you ask a lot of people, they would tell you that, “Fantasy sports is for nerds.” Then, I guess I’m a nerd. I love fantasy sports.... Read more »

Alex Rodriguez Deserves Lifetime Ban

As I pulled up ESPN on my laptop after work and saw a picture of an awkwardly smiling A Rod sitting next to an uncomfortable White Sox employee driving a golf cart down a U.S. Cellular locker room path, I got so mad I wanted to spit. He was suspended for 211 games, spanning the... Read more »

An Interview With A Rational Sox Fan (And there aren't that many)

When I ask my Godfather, David Fitzergald, resident northwest side Irish Cubs fan, why my entire family, who are also northwest side Irish natives, grew up loving the White Sox and not the Cubs, even though they grew up way north of Madison, he usually tells me the same story, in his typical northwest side... Read more »

Da Bears! Why Not The Super Bowl in '13?

The Bears are not the Cubs.  They are not undergoing a massive overhaul that tears them down to the foundation in order to rebuild from the ground up, enduring at least three, if not more, pathetic, losing seasons that come along with zero reason to keep the casual fan entertained as the season grinds like... Read more »