On Fantasy Sports

In today's day and age it seems like there's a subculture for everyone.

There's the Hot Dog Club.  The Pizza Club , even the club against the club.

Yet, if you ask a lot of people, they would tell you that, "Fantasy sports is for nerds."

Then, I guess I'm a nerd.

I love fantasy sports.  My career as a fantasy sports nerd goes way back.  All the way back to 2000 and 5.   That illustrious time when this song somehow was the year end #1 on the Billboard charts.

My friend, and coincidentally my dentist, invited me to join a league he had started in 2003 with a few friends from high school. After a kid failed to pay his league fees and another kid never once checked his team the day after the draft, I was invited to join the Wet Taco Fantasy Baseball League.  Football would follow that fall.

My first draft was a blast.  I had ZERO idea what I was doing.  I took Hank Blaylock along with Michael Young with the wrap in the first round (If you know what the wrap is, you might like fantasy sports) because I had thought I was taking Mark Texiera and Michael Young.

Hank Blaylock was ranked #734 that year after he played terribly and actually went on the disabled list for having to get one of his ribs removed in an emergency surgery.

In the fall, during my first ever fantasy football draft, I drafted the Washington Redskins defense with my second round pick.

I haven't lived either of these moves down.

I have since made a better showing, and indicted myself in a much better light, but it was immediate nerdery and fun of drafting and adding/dropping players that hooked me.

Fantasy sports allows You to be the CEO/Exec VP/GM/Manager/Trainer/Bat Boy for your very own team.

Well, kind of.

You know what I mean.

I know I am not the first person to sing the praises of fantasy sports in print -- the fantasy sports industry is around a billion dollar industry so a couple other people like it, but this is to all the haters out there.

As a kid, I collected baseball cards.  Today, that may be as obsolete as renting a movie at a store or buying a book in print, but, I loved me some baseball cards.  I even have this card stashed away for the day it makes a ton of money (Which will be never, unless Billy Ripken decides to become President of the United States one day).

Fantasy baseball and football are my baseball cards (Sorry to all of those people who do fantasy golf and hockey and what not, but I try to interact with the humans from time to time).

So, to all those nerds - let's not start pointing any fingers. After all, one nerd to another, we have to look out for each other out there.

And, after my weekend at Lollapalooza, where three hundred thousand people over three days nerded it out for bands and dj's, I hope we can stay on the same page.

Irregardless (not a real word), now you know, that anyone can get behind something as awesome as fantasy baseball and football.

As long as they are a nerd.

Coming Soon: Tales from the Draft - Wet Taco Fantasy Football League


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  • Thanks, Matt, for that very well-written, inside-look at a world I've tried for a long time to pretend didn't exist. I'm sure it took a lot of courage to admit these things about yourself. It doesn't make me think any less of you.

  • I think a little less of him everyday.

  • In reply to smashytooth:

    Has he ever used any performance enhancing substances to bolster his Fantasy League performance?

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