Brett Bohl and Doug Plank are bringing the Celebrate Sports Tour to Chicago

Brett Bohl and Doug Plank are bringing the Celebrate Sports Tour to Chicago

A short time ago, after reading a post I wrote about Doug Plank and his time with the Chicago Bears, I was contacted by Mr. Brett Bohl. He proceeded to tell me about an exciting venture he and Mr. Plank wanted to bring to the Chicago area. It is called the Celebrate Sports Tour and it provides inspirational speakers from across the entire spectrum of the sports world.

Brett is the founder and executive director and he has already taken said tour to several other areas. Most recently, and perhaps most notably, the tour is going to New York City. But Chicago has been on his radar for some time now.

Before I go any further I want to tell you what the Celebrate Sports Tour is achieving in places all over the country. It's vision is to provide powerful motivational speakers with a sports background that can have a positive impact on high school and college students or corporate employees.

These programs are looking to not only encourage and inspire their audience members, but also to challenge them to make things better within their school, company, or community which they reside. The audience member is shown that they can make a big difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others around them.

The speakers are going to discuss the major issues that young people are encountering every day like bullying, social media, drugs/alcohol, relating to and respecting the opposite gender, as well as many other issues that require good decision making.

Each attendee will be shown that they are never alone. That they can find support not only from family, but from coaches, teachers, friends and especially from within. They will be told and shown that you can and should be your own biggest advocate.

The speakers will also show how their own decisions helped make them the confident, successful people they are today. They will help to provide corporate clients with a vision for the future. As well as showing that each member of a corporation is an integral part of it's success.

So now the Celebrate Sports Tour is coming to Chicago. Considering what has been happening recently in the city, it is none too soon. And to have someone involved that is as respected in Chicago as #46, Doug Plank, is very special indeed.

The plan currently for Doug (and possibly one other speaker) is to have him join Brett in speaking to Freshman classes in high schools throughout Chicagoland. Starting this coming August, he will go to five schools a month for nine months, adding one school in that time frame for a total of 46.

As for Brett, he is a powerful presence in his own right. He graduated from the University of Toledo, where he played football for the Rockets. After college he founded The Bohl Group, Inc. and focused on motivational speaking and fund raising.  He and his father are co-authors of a novel, titled "Getting To Thanksgiving". I have only begun reading it and can already highly recommend it.

And now he has this latest mission, which may just be coming to your town or city soon.

I will update this post with more information periodically as we get closer to August and throughout Brett and Doug's speaking arrangement.

If you are interested in learning more about the Celebrate Sports Tour, including sponsorship information or asking them to come to your area, you can contact me at   I will be happy to pass along any information to Brett. Or you can reach out to

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