In Death As In Life Robin Williams Left Us Speechless

In Death As In Life Robin Williams Left Us Speechless

Robin Williams' daughter Zelda was a presenter at the Noble Awards in Beverly Hills last night. She was graceful and eloquent and her father would have been so proud of her. It reminded me of this message from last August.

When my little neighbor asked me why everyone was so sad, my first thought was can I even justify the memory of Robin Williams with my response? For a long time I was speechless.

After all, how do you explain something like losing a great friend whom you had never met? For that was exactly what I was feeling. But did any of us really know him? Of course we most certainly did not.

Sometimes God gives you a gift. And that gift is natural and boundless. The gift of which I write was not given to Robin Williams, although we mere mortals could easily assume that his comedic genius was God's gift to him. And he shared it freely with all of us.

No. The true gift was given to all of us who were not Robin Williams. Because he was the gift. And now, though he is gone, the gift remains.

He will be here with us forever. In the guise of that comedic genius. A gift from God to all of us.

Just watching him do stand up was a daunting task. He was so multidirectional (or non directional, I'm not sure which is a better description) that you became overwhelmed. But always in a good way.

Always in a way where your smile couldn't leave you. Even long after his performance was over. He was just that captivating.

And while we can revel in his comedy, we also can't forget how great of a dramatic actor he was. He was great in any role. From a cartoon genie to a maniacal murderer. His range was truly astonishing.

In the end his demons got the best of him. And he had to leave us. Once again with our mouths agape. Speechless. Able only to shake our heads in disbelief.

So my friends, let tonight's lesson be this: Those demons that reside in all of us, we must reach out with them. Show someone. As much and as often as we need to.

Let someone help. If we keep our demons hidden they will feed on our souls. Until we become nothing but an empty shell trying to fool everyone. Let. Someone. Help.

God speed Robin Williams. Heaven just got a whole lot funnier. RIP.

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