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Some Facts About Wrigley Field As It Winds Down Its 100th year

Here are a few of the lesser known facts concerning one of the most iconic venues in America: 1.   In 1915 Wrigley Field became the first baseball stadium to allow fans to keep home runs and foul balls hit into the stands. A touch ironic considering Cub fans have a long standing tradition of throwing back onto... Read more »

In Death As In Life Robin Williams Left Us Speechless

In Death As In Life Robin Williams Left Us Speechless
When my little neighbor asked me why everyone was so sad, my first thought was can I even justify the memory of Robin Williams with my response? For a long time I was speechless. After all, how do you explain something like losing a great friend whom you had never met? For that was exactly what I was feeling.... Read more »

10 Fun (And Quirky) Facts About The Chicago Bears

The story of the Chicago Bears is filled with important facts, many of which have been hashed and rehashed by NFL experts. What this post attempts to do is show some of the more peculiar facts that the Bears have been a part of in that long and distinguished history. 1.  During the NFL’s first six seasons... Read more »