Why not go with "The Hawk"? My pitch for Andre Dawson as the new Cubs manager

I know that everyone says you have to have minor league or collegiate coaching experience to manage in the big leagues.  I know they say there are just too many intricacies that have to be learned. And as a White Sox fan I've witnessed the raised eyebrows and the doubts about the hiring of Robin Ventura.

But there have to be exceptions right? And I truly believe this is a completely different situation on the north side of town. I think what this calls for is a reach by the Ricketts family. It would not, by the way, be a very big reach anyway.

Let's just examine what exactly Andre Dawson would bring to the table if the Cubs hired him: First, his knowledge of the game. He's been involved in baseball at the major league level since 1975. That's almost 40 years. He knows and has seen everything there is to see to manage in the majors. And he would definitely be a player's coach. That would more than likely expedite the growth of these young prospects.

Second, he is one of the most beloved Cubs in history (of course he is also one of the most beloved if not THE most beloved Expos in history). By fans and players alike. If you truly want fans to keep coming to Wrigley while you're rebuilding then " The Hawk" is a great choice.

Third, his love for the city of Chicago. He has always said that he views it as his second home. Bringing him back would potentially be great for all parties involved.

The obstacle, of course, may be Dawson himself. Managing a major league team is extremely time consuming. Not to mention the stress involved. But if you put a contract in front of him with the proper amount of zeros it would be hard to turn it down.

Now Mr. Ricketts I won't pretend to know what is in Dawson's heart or what his answer would be. What I do know is that if you put the offer out there, it will be well received and even appreciated by many of your team's fans. And just think of the possibilities if he did say yes.


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