Cutler-out Briggs-out D Rose and the Bulls-IN the nick of time

It's not even November yet and I'm thinking Sunday afternoons may have just gotten a whole lot less interesting. At least for a month or more.

The truth is without our quarterback and our signal caller on defense ( both pro bowlers by the way ) I don't think there's a lot good that can happen at Soldier Field for the next 4, 5, or even 6 weeks.

But we in Chicago are fortunate. The seasons, be them weather or sports related, do tend to overlap one another don't they? Just as fall is already springing (sorry) toward winter , so it is with football season turning to hoops.

Now before everyone goes crazy let me lessen your exasperation of me. I will still continue to root tooth and nail for the Bears to make a run at the playoffs while Jay and Lance heal. I honestly hope that Josh McCown and Jon Bostic prove to the entire country that they are the most capable replacements for our fallen starters.

That being said however, I refuse to be unrealistic.

The NBA season is starting this week, and I for one, am glad for the occasion. My excitement though, has very little to do with the Bears misfortune, and by proxy, my own melancholy. At least not this year.

This year the Bulls can do it! They can take down the monster. They can overcome that huge obstacle that has been standing squarely in their way.

If you've been a Bulls fan long enough you know exactly what I'm talking about. In the late 80's and very early 90's it was the Detroit Pistons. The huge thorn that always showed up at the most inopportune moment. And now of course it's Lebron and the Heat.

But the Heat are a year older. And they played into late June for three years in a row now. Winning two and getting to the finals in the first one. I think they're ripe for the pickin'. Don't you?

I think the Bulls are young enough and talented enough to finally bring a NBA championship banner back  to the United Center again.

Even if you count Lebron as the best player in the game (a fact I won't dispute by the way), you still have to say Rose is right there with him. And you have to say Booze can hang with Bosh, right? Especially the way Carlos has attacked the rim in the preseason. And if you say that then you can't deny Deng's abilities matched against an aging Wade, right?

And what about Buckets. I don't think they have an answer for him. On either side of the ball. Not this year.

So if the Bulls can match up that well against " The Big Three ", then this can be our year. I truly think the Bull's bench can counter the Heat's. Of course I'm prematurely discounting the Pacers and I shouldn't. They have a great team in their own right. But I really think this year it's us or them. Bulls or Heat.

Starting on Tuesday night, I guess we'll see.

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