Martin Luther King Jr. marched forward into history. Has America stopped marching?

In 1963 the great reverend Martin Luther King Jr. bade us all to march forward into an unknown. He grabbed the whole of America by our collective ears and said come with me, into that better future that awaits us each and every one.

His hopes and dreams were not centered solely on the betterment of "his" people. But on the righteous betterment of all Americans. He didn't just want to see little black children walking hand in hand safely down any street in any town. No! His dream was to see all children, of every race, creed, and color, able to walk together, with the pigments of their small hands blending seamlessly together.

Have we yet reached that point? I'm certain that we haven't. Can we? Of course we can. We must. It has become our duty as much as our right. It may be our only chance of keeping alive Mr. King's legacy of going forward into that future. A future we all deserve to share with one another.

All of us in this time need to keep striving for that future he so eloquently dreamed of us having. If for no other reason than to keep from falling back into an America of division and prevalent prejudice. We know that prejudice continues to exist in our great nation. Just as it does in all nations. But we have to continuously work toward it's lessening. Mr. King's words taught us at least that much.

And maybe then, sometime in America's future, one generation, and with hope perhaps all succeeding generations, will get to celebrate a self-described simple reverend's dream come true.

I hope so.

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