The Bulls first free agent signing of the off-season is…

The Bulls first free agent signing of the off-season is…

If you didn’t hear the news yet, the Bulls reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with Serbian forward Vladimir Radmanovic. Calm down Bulls fans, its not as bad as it sounds.

Considering Radmanovic made the veteran minimum with the Atlanta Hawks last season ($854,389) the Bulls could’ve done a lot worse. Heck, Brian Scalabrine was Chicago’s veteran minimum player last year and he was essentially a mascot. At the very least Radmanovic can shoot.

Usually at 6’10’’ you can’t shoot the basketball. Oddly enough shooting is essentially Radmanovic’s only skill. Stretch fours are surprisingly rare in the NBA these days. This past season only nine power forwards qualified for the three-point shooting crown (needed to make 44 three-pointers to qualify). Radmanovic finished fifth among those players in three-point percentage, shooting 37 percent from downtown while making one per game. During the 2010-11 season, 11 power forwards qualified (needed to make 55 three-pointers to qualify) and Radmanovic finished third in three-point percentage at 40.5 percent (he also made 0.9 per game). For his career, Radmanovic has made 1.4 three-pointers a game at a 38 percent clip.

Vlad Rad isn’t a horrible defender either, he’s actually quite respectable. His opponent’s player efficiency rating at small forward was only 8.9. At power forward he allowed a PER of 13.2. The Bulls should not expect Radmanovic to guard centers since his opponents PER ballooned to 18.7 while guarding fives. Synergy also rated Radmanovic as a solid defender, allowing 0.83 points per play (166th ranked in the league). He also held his opponent’s to a 38.7 shooting percentage. Vlad was especially good at spot-up defense, holding shooters to 0.76 points per play (41st in the league) while shooting 33.8 percent. Once again, don’t put Radmanovic on big guys since he was abused in the post. Post-up players shot 52.5 percent against Vlad while connecting on 1.04 points per play (251st ranked in the league). Radmanovic isn’t a game changer on defense but he isn’t Boozer either.

Considering the Bulls traded three-point maestro Kyle Korver and will likely lose sharp shooting John Lucas III, signing Radmanovic isn’t a bad idea. As long as he’s getting paid the veteran minimum and continues to make three-pointers, there is no reason to complain about this deal.

If he ends up being one of the Bulls biggest off-season acquisitions, we have a problem.

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