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2012 White Sox Preview: reasons for optimism?

2012 White Sox Preview: reasons for optimism?
Last preseason held very high hopes for the Chicago White Sox. In 2011, most publications ranked them in the top 10, often top 5 in MLB power rankings entering the year. This year, you’ll see them in the high 20s across the board in pretty much all publications. ESPN picked them dead last, and Sports... Read more »

White Sox Have Been AGGRESSIVE in 2011; in All Facets

The Chicago White Sox are “All in.” It’s the marketing slogan for 2011 and it reflects what the front office did this past offseason; sacking up, buying more chips and shoving ’em towards the middle of the table with authority. A lot of MLB teams did likewise. The Detroit Tigers did some heavy very short... Read more »

White Sox V.P. Brooks Boyer on What's New for the Sox in 2011

Opening Day is here! No, let me say that again, but louder- the CHICAGO WHITE SOX BEGIN THEIR SEASON TODAY! Up until first pitch this afternoon at the Cleveland Indians, everyone is undefeated in MLB. Let’s begin the year by starting at the top. I’ve always said that the business of baseball, the economics of... Read more »