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Picking EVERY College Football Bowl game (with cheerleader photos)

Picking EVERY College Football Bowl game (with cheerleader photos)
It’s that time of year again, when I make smart ass remarks justifying why I’m picking one college football team to beat another. Not only do I give you the full bowl schedule with tv listings, there’s fun and goofy pictures of cheerleaders and hot female fans interspersed within the listing. And to make the post more pure to the game and traditional, I took OUT all the corporate sponsor names of the bowls...

Half the Nation will get to see Notre Dame vs. USC

Don’t you love rivalry weekend? Or more specifically, rivalry weekends in college football? I think it’s genius marketing that they have almost every team play their bitter rival on the last weekend of the year. Last Saturday, we had Northwestern versus the Illini in the Wrigleyville Classic, Stanford-Cal in “the Big Game” and more. This... Read more »

USC Stripped of FWAA 2004 National Title

USC’s 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy, awarded to the Trojans by the Football Writers Association of America for their national title, will be revoked and the team barred from consideration for the award following this season.  The FWAA trophy doesn’t have the same juice in the college football world as the BCS national title (or its... Read more »