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What Legacy Does Ex-Cubs GM Jim Hendry Leave in Chicago?

The Chicago Cubs officially fired General Manager Jim Hendry yesterday, naming Assistant GM Randy Bush as his interim successor. Owner Tom Ricketts issued a statement saying that the search for Hendry’s long-term replacement has already begun. Hendry, 56, was named Vice President/General Manager on July 5, 2002 and departs as the third-longest tenured general manager... Read more »

Irrationally Overrated Players: Mark Buehrle and Company

Irrationally Overrated Players: Mark Buehrle and Company
Just as there are certainties in life (death, taxes, et al) there are certainties in sports. Some of the more notable certainties are the die hard fans, heartbreak and the euphoric high of winning a championship. Additionally, with every sports franchise comes the list of current and former players who are irrationally overrated. By Peter... Read more »

White Sox have SERIOUSLY Climbed back into Pennant Race

During the infamous “White Flag trade” in early August of 1997, Chicago White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was infamously quoted “any one who thinks this team can catch the Cleveland Indians is crazy.” Given that the Sox were just 3.5 back of the division leaders from Ohio, with 7 weeks left in the season, it... Read more »